This course taught me so much about how important movement is to learning.  Rhythmic, coordinated,intentional movement strengths children gross and fine motor skills. ~ GVSU Charter


Good afternoon! I wanted to thank you again for the balls you gave me at the GVSU PD a couple of weeks ago. I have been using them with some of my groups before their lessons and I really am seeing an improvement in their focus! It’s been great to see how something that seems so small and simple is really making a difference.

Thank you again!

L. S.,Math Specialist

Windemere Park Charter Academy



Jacque presented the BAVX program in a very encouraging and practical manner so that any clinician/teacher can immediately incorporate these techniques with their patients, students.  The instructors helped to individualize treatment techniques and strategies for the group/classroom setting and for individual patients.  Thanks for a great class!

I am confident that evidence based research will prove the benefits of BAVX  for both adults and children in the areas of academics, sensory integration, balance, coordination and focus/concentration.    ~Kathy, OT Sparrow Health


This is a must in every school! ~ Teacher,  BAVX workshop Aug. 2014


This training is phenomenal! I can not wait to tell my teacher friends so they can attend the next training and start implementing this in their schools. ~ Teacher, BAVX workshop Aug. 2014