Private Sessions

Private Sessions for Individuals

Experience in both healthcare and education has inspired a collaborative development of a daily curriculum that improves body systems and learning BrainWorks is a meaningful, deliberate, and movement based program building better eye movements, bilateral body understanding, and confidence in students social and academic selves. Our whole-child approach inspires greater visual motor control, better eye-hand coordination, and improves academic scores in reading and math.

head-with-gears (final)Your child may not be able to tell you they are having problems because they do not know any differently. “Less than 15% of students have their vision tested comprehensively despite the fact that 80% of learning is dependent on vision.”(Piquette) Learning related vision problems affect the way a child’s eye and brain collect and interpret information. Research indicates the problem can be related to a difficulty in gaining or processing the information they receive through the visual system.


BrainWorks is supplemented by practicing the movement program at home. While enrolled in a multiple session package, BrainWorks lends you the supplies and materials you need.